Psychic A*F*

Time to get Psychic A*F*!

Shift Happens. Forget all the non-sense you’ve been told. This course is 4 the Brave and the Bold. Gain confidence in trusting your inner voice. The veil has thinned and you are now open to making contact with your Angels and Guides.

Strengthen your psychic senses to learn how to read on the vibration “Vibes” of another.

Each class is intended to bring you into greater unity with the psychic self. The psychic arts have deep meaningful layers that take time to learn and develop.

Explore the 4 "Clairs" of psychic sensing. Discover what your dominant psychic senses are. Of course, strengthen the the weaker ones. A group meditation to connect to your 6th sense.

The key is utilizing the four main avenues our intuition uses to communicate with us, known in psychic circles as the "four clairs":

Clairaudience-hearing voices

Clairvoyance-seeing images

Clairsentience-recognizing feeling


As a foundation we will identify our dominant psychic senses and learn how to strengthen others. Through discussion and meditation, we will also review and work with the energetic body through a psychic lens of the 3rd Eye.

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8 Week Course


"Her energy and openness made me feel relaxed and at ease she helped me to understand what I needed to do and helped me feel confident

M. Las Vegas


Nicole Borghi ROCKS!!



Phenomenal Nicole, thank you!