Manifesting success after trauma and loss thanks to a higher power

Ethos / Pathos / Lagos = Eudemonia

Courage / Passion / Goals = Fulfillment

Nicole has served as a Community Service Assistant in Law Enforcement, Security Manager, and was awarded for exceptional leadership with over 23 years of experience. She turned her passion of cleaning up the chaos, problem solving and healing victims in crisis to becoming a Transformational Coach, Crystal Reiki Master, and utilizing her psychic and intuitive gifts. Transforming clients with energetic frequency change.

Nicole's magical mystical experiences with light beings began as a child when she played with fairies in the woods. She walked into realms, entered portals and traveled through dimensions. She would often speak to the “Spirits” during tea time as she played with her dolls. As she moved into her teenage years and in Silicon Valley her mother taught her about crystal energies and introduced her to Scientist Marcel Vogel. Nicole's experience in powerful life force energies and the effect on human beings developed as she tagged along with her mother for haunted house clearings and psychic readings. As an adult Nicole guided family members and in-home care clients through alchemical transformation crossing them over into a light body being.

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